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Hello, I welcome you to work with me i.e. mithilesh ... Here are few options for this, but If you have any other idea, You most welcome with that one!
  1. Advertise on My Blog 'Editorial' – I can offer you a variety of different ad options. Please contact me to discuss rates.
  2. Product reviews–If you have a product that is a good fit for Hindi readers, please contact me about hosting a review and/or giveaway on the site.
  3. Sponsored Posts – If you are interested in promoting Hindi content that is relevant to My 'Editorial' blog, contact me please.
  4. Brand/ product ambassador – I would be happy to represent your brand in Hindi Market! This could include blog posts, social media promotion, lecture opportunities, article writing etc.
  5. Brand Development – I always love creating brand and would be thrilled to develop unique and delicious ways for you. We can work together to create a distinctive set of popularity that will highlight you and your product and how it can be used in the hindi market.
  6. Conferences – Are you looking for a hindi blogger to represent your company at a blog or food related conference? Please contact me!
  7. Freelance Writing - I am an experienced hindi writer and can craft professional posts for your company. Let me help you get the word out about your products. You can watch my published article at this link.
Please email me at: [email protected] (or call me at: +91- 9990089080) to request a media kit and discuss opportunities in detail. I look forward to working with you! I can assure you for the best result in hindi market.

If you have any idea about startup, entrepreneurship... I am ready to consult you, 
Call me or Whatsapp me at: +91- 99900 89080

All the Best !!

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